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Engineering Support Solutions

Synesis Inc provides full life-cycle Software Engineering support from system engineering and requirement analysis, software architecture, through system integration and product roll-out. Our staff has extensive experience in all phases of large program development.

Whether it's new program development, enhancements to an existing system, or re-hosting legacy systems, we have the team to help bring success to your program. We bring significant knowledge in areas of simulation, network communications, aerospace, and defense. Synesis can provide support as either a complete task solution ready to deliver as part of your system or as a rapid ramp-up consulting team integrated within your engineering organization. We will work with your organization to conform or coordinate with your existing processes to provide a smooth exchange of products and ideas, helping to ensure overall system integration success.

Contract Facilitation Services

Synesis Inc also provides a revolutionary contract employment model for the independent contractor with all the benefits of self incorporation, but none of the drawbacks. With full disclosure of fixed markups and no non-compete clauses, the individual is in complete control to maximize income through referrals. Synesis Inc handles the financial, contractual, and legal technicalities allowing the individual to concentrate on maximizing income.

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Synesis Inc is also the contract facilitator of choice for companies receiving resumes from independents who wish to work as contractors. The fixed markups allow companies to negotiate billing and pay rates with the individual with the assurance that the negotiations are being conducted in the best interests of the company and the contractor, and not in the interest of a contract agency's bottom line. This saves time, money, and inconvenience.

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